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Burberry Geometric clutch

Burberry Geometric clutch

Burberry Geometric Clutch
Burberry Geometric Clutch in Orange Ochre

Anyone who is familiar with the Kufic Arabic script may well recognise similarities between the appearance of this and the geometric pattern used in Burberry’s new Geometric clutch.

Here is an example of a contemporary art piece by Mukhtar Sanders and Soraya Syed illustrating the block type caligraphy style that is formed by using the kufic script:

Kufic Maze by Mukhtar Sanders and Soraya Syed
Kufic Maze by Mukhtar Sanders and Soraya Syed
6 colour screen-print on wood frame
90cm x 68.5cm x 5cm
(Image taken from: http://www.pspthebeautifulscript.com)

I personally like the shapes and colours used in this pattern. It also looks slightly Aztec but that could be because of the shade of orange used which provides a high contrast against the black, in this case helping it to stand out and become the iconic feature of the clutch. I also like the fact that this shade of orange is more of a rustic one than an over-bright or garish one. When using one colour against a black background you don’t have to go too bright as the contrast itself lends a hand in making the colour appear brighter than it actually is.


Burberry Geometric Clutch
Burberry Geometric Clutch in Clove Red

A part of me wonders whether this choice in design could be deliberate in order to appeal to the many rich Arabs who love their designer accessories. But who cares? If you can afford it then why not? I would say: better a rich person with taste than one without! (As long as you’re not wasteful either).

Digital Crystal at the Design Museum in partnership with Swarovski

Pandora by Fredrikson Stallard part of the Digital Crystal exhibition at the Design Museum
Pandora by Fredrikson Stallard featured as part of the Digital Crystal exhibition at the Design Museum

Not everyone is aware of Swarovski’s involvement in a huge range of arts related projects. If there is any medium that you can apply a swarovski crystal, fabric or gem on then be sure it has probably been done. Some are obvious – clothes, bags, shoes, mobile phones, watches, and of course jewellery. And some are not so obvious – lighting, trees, pens, artwork… just be a little imaginative with your googling terms with the addition of ‘Swarovski’ and you may be pleasantly surprised with their collaborations with other huge names across a number of industries.

But let’s cut to the chase and discuss the reason for this post – a current exhibition at the Design Museum in London (05 September 2012 – 13 January 2013). An exhibition of digital art featuring either physical, virtual or theoretical crystals.

The exhibition has works of art by some very well known artists:

Hye-yeon Park
Ron Arad
Hilda Hellstrom
Marcus Tremonto
Philippe Malouin
Fredrikson Stallard
Arik Levy
Anton Alvarez
Paul Cocksedge
Yves Behar
Maarten Baas
Random International
Beta Tank

On the Museum’s web site the description is:

Over the past decade Swarovski’s design and architecture commissions have served as an important experimental platform for leading figures in design to conceptualise, develop and share their most radical ideas. For this exhibition, the Design Museum and Swarovski are collaborating to challenge designers to explore the future of memory in the fast developing digital age. The result is 15 unique installations giving you a glimpse of the future of memory.

Visit the Design Museum website for further details: http://digitalcrystal.designmuseum.org/

I think you’ll know why I’m excited about this merging of art, design and technology once you’ve seen the promo video. It reminds me of the excitement I felt during my Digital Arts MA, the possibilities the new technologies (both software and hardware) allow and how your ideas can contribute to the most unique presentations and output.